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In this article, you will see how much cannabis seedlings have grown after one week under 12/12 lighting in Red Solo Cups, and under Agnetix LED lights. Transform Ordinary Solo Cups Into a Hybrid Hydroponic/Soil Plant Booster: If you have ever attempted to start plants indoors before your last frost, you probably know what it is to get a root bound plant. No matter the size of your growing container, it does not take the roots too long to find its outer boundaries. This m… Categories: Setup. Seedling. Grow Question by MagicPlants17. Best place to get answers to your grow questions. Worldwide community of enthusiast growers will share experience.

One week under 12/12 light cycle in a Red Solo Cup

Can you grow weed in a red solo cup? Can you skip the vegetative stage and go straight to the 12/12 light cycle? We have always wondered if this was possible, so we decided to try it ourselves.

In this video series, we document the process of planting seeds in red solo cups, and then putting them under 12/12 lighting.

In this episode, we review our seedlings after their first week in the flower room.

Growing Marijuana From Seed in a Red Solo Cup

For this experiment, we used regular seeds from Sin City Seeds, that included the strains Rainbows at Night, Hard Cider, and Cart Wheels.

We sprouted the seeds using the paper towel method. And once we had tails, we put them in a red solo cup with coco coir.

Using the 18/6 Light Cycle for young cannabis seedlings

In Part 1 and Part 2, our seedlings remained in our Veg Room under the typical 18/6 light schedule that is used during the vegetative stage. We kept them there for a total of 19 days, counting from the day the seeds were “planted.”

During that the first week, we filmed the seedlings at five days old. At that size, they were definitely not something you would want to flower. They were just a couple inches above the dirt.

By the second week, we could have put them under 12/12, but at less than five inches, it just seemed like a good idea to get another week’s worth of growth at the 18/6 interval.

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Our “12/12 From Seed” Experiment actually had 19 days under 18/6 light cycle

By the third week, our plants were a total of 19 days old and we decided to flower them at that point. They were about the size you would want if you were purchasing a clone from someone. By any standard, still very small plants.

So although we are calling our experiment “12/12 from Seed,” it is really “19 days of 18/6 then 12/12.”

Is this a true “12/12 from seed” experiment? Yes and No. It doesn’t really matter. You still get to see what a seedling is capable of, even with 19 days of vegetative lighting.

Flowering Cannabis in a Red Solo Cup

After one week of flower, the plants have definitely grown. (On second thought, maybe we didn’t need those 19 days under veg lighting after all?)

You can see that the plants have become noticeably bigger. And it’s only been one week under 12/12 lighting! The center nodes are priming to be flower sites. The fan leaves are large and drooping over, soaking up the light.

There’s been no pruning or defoliating on these plants. Not that any needs to be done. But the take away here so far is that it definitely looks like you can flower a plant in a red solo cup. The Agnetix LED lights are very powerful, so this should be an exciting run.

These plants are bigger than they were last week, and they look like they are ready to produce bud in the coming weeks.

In the next article, we will review the plants after conclusion of their second week under 12/12 lighting.

Transform Ordinary Solo Cups Into a Hybrid Hydroponic/Soil Plant Booster

Introduction: Transform Ordinary Solo Cups Into a Hybrid Hydroponic/Soil Plant Booster

If you have ever attempted to start plants indoors before your last frost, you probably know what it is to get a root bound plant. No matter the size of your growing container, it does not take the roots too long to find its outer boundaries. This method uses the benefits of hydroponic growing to keep those roots thriving, while preparing your plant to live in soil.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

This Youtube video leads you through all of the steps of converting red solo cups into an outstanding hydroponic/soil planting solution.

Step 2: Keep a Couple of Your Old Solo Cups

You can use new ones of course, but why not get some use out of them first. We don’t judge you based on what was in the cup prior to starting the project.

Step 3: Let’s Put Some Holes in the Bottom of One Cup

Or I have found you can easily do up to five of these at a time, but you will want one hole-free cup for every cup into which you put holes. You can use a nail, scissors, box knife, any number of things to cut your cups; however I find that for the smoothest process and the least chance of unintentionally cracking out your cup, warming a screwdriver over an open flame for about a minute and then pushing down with some force and melting through works best.

Step 4: Put Potting Soil Into the Cup That Has the Holes

I have used straight compost for this before as well. Whatever growing medium you would normally use for a potted plant should be used here.

Step 5: Place Inside the Solo Cup Without Holes

Step 6: Plant Your Seedling Into the Cup

It is time to put your seedling into the new creation. Plant it like you normally would when transplanting a seedling into a larger pot. Then give it a good initial watering. There are drainage holes in the inner cups, so your plant should not get water logged, and the outer cup will prevent water from spilling out.

Step 7: After a Good Initial Watering, Water Sparingly

You want those roots to seek out the holes in the bottom. If the soil goes completely dry and there are not yet roots in the bottom, make sure to water to keep your plant alive, but as soon as you see a root peeking out the bottom of the inner cup, quit watering from the top.

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Step 8: Add Hydroponic Solution to the Outer Cup

Once you see that root peeking through, add hydroponic solution to the outer cup. The roots will thrive, and the plant will get tons of nutrients from the hydroponic solution. Your plant will grow as if it was in a much bigger pot, and be very health to transplant outside later.

Solo cups vs clear plastic cups for seedlings

I’m gonna plant sprouts in solo cups, but thought it might be cool to use clear plastic cups (to see when roots reach the edges). Would it be bad to use clear plastic cups? Maybe the roots/soil won’t like the light idk?

If you use see through just put a cooler cup on it if you got one that slides over it easily. Good luck and happy growing :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::facepunch:

Correct, plant roots do not like light and will die if exposed to it for a prolonged period. Roots grow under the ground – a dark environment, period.
Hope this helps. Organoman.

Debatable when soil vs. DWC lol I first started in water bottles with the tops cut and transplanted when the roots were spaghetti around the bottle :expressionless: lmao they love it, I love. debatable :the_horns::facepunch::ok_hand::+1:

Opaque cups. Roots hate Light. Trust me I am a dwc grower and well all know the troubles of root stress if the roots are exposed to light they can burn, which can in turn cause stress to your lady. It also attracts algae when watered which can in turn lead to much worse things in my opinion anyway. Though I will end with what I always say on this site. There is no “Correct way” to cultivate a cannabis plant. every grower has different methods that work for them. So dont take my advice as gospel use your common sense and I’m sure you will excel with the new seedlings 🙂 Best of luck for all your future harvests 🙂 Peace out

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