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Landrace Cannabis Seeds

Est. 2007, The Real Seed Company is the original specialist site for seeds of old-school Cannabis strains – aka, landraces.

We’re a group of Asian and European plant hunters and seed collectors who specialize in Cannabis landraces. Landraces are region-specific traditional domesticates. They and their wild-growing relatives from Asia are critically endangered and the crucial reservoir of biodiversity for Cannabis. [read more]…

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Indica-type (21)

Landrace (50)

Middle East (9)

Sativa-type (42)

Southeast Asia (13)

Tropical Africa (3)

Tropical India (3)

Wild-type (6)

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The Real Seed Company refuses to sell Cannabis seeds to anybody who it believes may intend to use them illegally for the purposes of germination or cultivation.

Landrace cannabis seeds

Pure cannabis strains (also called landraces or purebreds) have developed in its natural environment and has never been crossed with any other strain but inbred through many, many generations. These varieties are very stable and present very few variations – if any from one plant to another.

Most landrace genetics are then 100% Sativa or 100% Indica, although there are some exceptions. Normally, pure or landrace cannabis strains often include their country or region of origin in their name. Examples: Hindu Kush (Indica), Acapulco Gold (Sativa), Panama 74 (Sativa), etc.

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Pure strains have the advantage of offering very original flavors and effects, pretty different of those from today’s hybrids, which often contain the same genetic basis (Skunk, Haze, etc.).

These pure strains will bring amazing memories to smokers from the 60s/70s, since at that time this was the type of marijuana normally available on the market.

Landrace cannabis strains

Here you’ll find a list with all the pure marijuana strains from our catalog. We also include in this category those varieties created from crosses between two and three pure genetics.

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