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If you want to start the cultivation of cannabis on your own, you would probably want to achieve the best possible harvest with the best growth techniques…. Translations in context of "семян конопли" in Russian-English from Reverso Context: Масло из семян конопли очень питательно и может быть особенно полезным для кожи. Translations in context of "Cannabis Seed Trade" in English-Russian from Reverso Context:

How Do You Pick Out the Best Cannabis Seeds on the Market?

What are the best marijuana seeds to start your cannabis grow?

How to Choose the Best Seeds for Planting Cannabis

If you want to start the cultivation of cannabis on your own, you would probably want to achieve the best possible harvest with the best growth techniques. Originally, there are two growth methods to employ while growing cannabis, without the use of seed or with the use of seeds. If you choose the latter, it is quite important to get the best seeds to achieve the best quality in terms of your harvest. To do this, you should remember to use feminized seeds for your cultivation as they produce the buds you need. You need to also ensure to grow lots of female cannabis plants as they are responsible for the production of seeds after being pollinated by the male plants. Also, you must pay attention to the varieties and strains of the seeds to get your desired cannabis plant.

Choosing Your Best Seed

There are a few things to look out for or consider which could help you in choosing the best seed possible for your cannabis cultivation.

Color: The color of your cannabis seeds helps you determine if it is healthy or not. For those seeds that have dark colors such as black or brown or maybe a tanned pattern, you can rest assured that it is healthy and good enough. It is best to avoid light or green colored seeds as they are not really suitable for cannabis cultivation.

Pattern: This might seem weird but the patterns that can be found on your cannabis seeds can help you in identifying its strain. For those seeds with a striped pattern and are seemingly larger, you can tell that it is of the Indica strain. The seeds that are smaller and have a single color without any identifiable pattern on them are usually of the Sativa strain.

Hardness: If you check the texture of the cannabis seeds, you will find that some are usually harder than others. This is a good indicator of the quality of the seeds as those with hard shells are more suitable than those with softer shells, so if you want good quality plants you should go for those with hard shells.

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Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Seed

In addition to the above tips to choosing a good seed, there are also a few things that will help determine your choice of seeds, these include:

Type of High: The type of high or effect you want to feel while smoking your cannabis helps you pay attention to certain seeds more than others. Though many cannabis seeds on the market are mostly hybrids or crossbreed, it remains a fact that Indica strains help with relaxation of the body while Sativa strains give you that exhilarating mind high. As a result, even if the hybrid or crossbred seeds are either Indica or Sativa high, you know exactly what to choose based on your need.

Proficiency: Your proficiency with growing things is also a factor to consider when getting your seeds as some strains are very selective when it comes to growing conditions. What this means is that if you are not very proficient or the growing conditions are less than ideal, they might be unable to grow successfully. Besides, you should also consider the environmental conditions of your grow area to ensure that it will be conducive for the strain you have in mind.

Grow Space: The amount of grow space you have also affects your decision regarding the seeds you will choose because some plants can grow very tall to as much as 6 to 8 inches from seed. Thus, you should consider getting seeds that don’t grow too tall when the grow space available is small because this will hamper the growth of your plant if you get a seed that does not fit your grow space.

Climate: The climate of the grow area will also have some sort of impact on your seed decision as some strains thrive better in some climates than others. Also, seeds grown outdoors are more common, some are suitable for indoor growth while others thrive in both environments.

Flowering Period: The period required for the plants to grow and flower is also important when considering the seeds to get for your cannabis cultivation. Some seeds flower as early as 8 weeks while some take between 12 to 14 weeks or even more than that. As a grower, you’ll have a projected time frame or season in which you’ll wish to embark on the cultivation of your plants in preparation for harvest, so you should try getting strains that suit the timing you desire.

On a final note, you need to get sufficient knowledge about the different strains available before knowing which of them suits your needs. Also, if you want to purchase your seeds online and are unable to physically assess them, you should consider going through customer reviews to be sure the vendor can be trusted to deliver the best.

Translation of “семян конопли” in English

Когда вы покупаете свою первую партию семян конопли, есть несколько вещей, за которыми нужно следить.

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When you are buying your first batch of cannabis seeds, there are a couple of things to keep an eye out for.

Royal Queen Seeds является одной из самых быстро развивающихся компаний по продаже семян конопли в Европе.

Протеины муки из семян конопли не содержат глиадин и глютенин (следовательно, глютен), поэтому пища прекрасно переносится целиакией.

The proteins of hemp seed flour do not include gliadin and glutenin (therefore gluten), so the food is perfectly tolerated by celiacs.

Импорт, хранение и поставка семян конопли не подлежит регулированию в соответствии с Договором 1961 г. о наркотиках.

In Germany, the cultivation of hemp seeds (even for medicinal reasons) is subject to official approval.

Протеиновый порошок, произведенный из семян конопли, фактически является производным от другого «дополнения»: каннабиса.

Made from hemp seeds, hemp protein is actually a derivative of another “supplement” altogether: cannabis.

Его производством активно занимаются компании Hallstar, Extracts Unlimited, масло с каннабидиолом и более традиционное масло семян конопли поставляет Arista Industries.

Its production is actively involved in the company Hallstar, Extracts Unlimited, oil cannabidiol and more traditional hemp seed oil Arista Industries supplies.

Это означает, что в некоторых случаях партия регулярных семян конопли может быть преимущественно мужской.

Особенно целебные свойства семян конопли ценятся людьми, ведущими здоровый образ жизни, теми, кто привык питаться осознанно.

Especially the healing properties of cannabis seeds are valued by people who run a healthy lifestyle, those who are accustomed to eating consciously.

Значение питательных веществ семян конопли для здоровья человека не станут полностью понятны без некоторого понимания биохимии жизни.

The importance of hemp seed nutrients to human health cannot be fully appreciated without some understanding of biochemistry in life.

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Translation of “Cannabis Seed Trade” in Russian

The impact of the trade in commercially produced cannabis seeds on the illicit cannabis market is at least twofold.

Торговля производимыми в промышленных масштабах семенами каннабиса на подпольном рынке каннабиса оказывает по крайней мере двойное воздействие.

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In 2011, UNODC also started to research the market of cannabis seeds for illicit purposes, paying particular attention to the trade through the Internet.

В 2011 году ЮНОДК приступило к работе над исследованием, посвященным изучению рынка семян каннабиса, приобретаемых в незаконных целях, с уделением особого внимания торговле такими семенами через Интернет.

The answers showed that a wide range of regulatory approaches were applied to control trade in cannabis seeds in their respective countries;

Ответы показали, что в соответствующих странах к контролю за торговлей семенами каннабиса применяются самые разные нормативно-правовые подходы.

настоятельно призывает государства-члены рассмотреть возможности недопущения торговли семенами каннабиса в незаконных целях;

The second impact is indirect, since the trade in cannabis seeds helps to spread the “cannabis culture”, which has emerged around the consumption of cannabis and the cultivation of the cannabis plant.

Другое воздействие – косвенное, поскольку торговля семенами каннабиса способствует распространению “культуры каннабиса“, сформировавшейся вокруг потребления каннабиса и возделывания этого растения.

Creating outstanding cannabis seeds is a craft that combines natural selection with scientific assistance.

Процесс создания достойных сортов каннабиса – это истинное ремесло, сочетающее в себе незаменимую помощь науки и естественный отбор.

When feminized cannabis seeds were first introduced for sale, they were more expensive – sometimes much more so – than regular cannabis seeds.

Когда феминизированные конопляные семена впервые появились на рынке, они были гораздо дороже, чем обычные регулярные семена каннабиса.

Other legitimate cannabis products include cannabis seed, cannabis seed oil and the essential oil of cannabis.

One strategy was to include cannabis seeds in the legal definition of cannabis for narcotic purposes that regulated the production of cannabis seeds as a controlled narcotic drug.

Одна стратегия заключается во включении семян каннабиса в правовое определение каннабиса для целей наркотиков, что означает регулирование производства семян каннабиса как контролируемых наркотических средств.

(c) With respect to international trade, about half of the responding Governments (53 per cent) indicated having provisions to control the import of cannabis seeds and about half (47 per cent) reported having provisions to control the export of cannabis seeds.

с) Что касается международной торговли семенами каннабиса, то примерно половина ответивших на вопросник правительств (53 процента) указали на наличие положений о контроле за ввозом семян каннабиса и еще примерно половина (47 процентов) – на наличие положений о контроле за вывозом.

Резкие перепады температуры и высокая влажность воздуха оказывают отрицательное влияние на семена каннабиса.

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