At tender age of 5, OG SERG began banging on pots & pans, but playing records for his fathers friends in the garage after work was one of his favorites. He often got tips and high fives from his fathers friends for playing records, mostly Funk. From there he began experimenting with vinyl and turntables with a older friend from the Rosewood neighborhood who was a DJ . Evolving from weddings,house parties to large events, a residency opportunity arose. It was then and there he began his DJ career.

Now in Las Vegas, OG SERG has partnered with some of the most well known DJ’s and local talents both mainstream & underground in the Las Vegas Strip & Downtown Las Vegas. DJ OG SERG 1200 is also the World Famous Mix Syndicate Fan Club President formally known as the Bum Squad DJ’z.

OG Serg – 80’s Mix


OG Serg – Funky Town Mix


OG Serg – Hip Hop Hitters